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Rain on the City

Small rain


In the wet silence of the evening we can cross: inert cars, empty benches, and abandoned banners. Suddenly in the middle of the night we see a man running in the middle of this frozen universe.

My friend

the rain

In a distant memory, I remember the pearls of water dripping along the laces of the railing of my room.

The rain pounding the pavement transformed the cars into amphibious devices crossing my mind.

The wind blew the rain down on her friend against the panes of my window as if to say "look at me".

In the heat of the room this spectacle fascinated me strangely, It was as if nature had managed to find a voice to speak to me in the city.

Before the first light

in the morning

Through the bus window the last wet lights of the night illuminate the city; meanwhile, like a strange ballet of fireflies, the workers' cars light up the road for the day ahead. urban agitation, the poetry of reflections is revealed to those who know how to look.


Small drops in heavy downpours the rain first soaked the sidewalks and then began to fill the gutters.

Suddenly the clouds burst, pouring a curtain of rain between the sky and the earth, blocking the roads and transforming the cars into spooky boats: the deluge hit the city ...

And in the middle of the waters the photographer watches for the Image ...

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