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Auteur Photographe

     "A photographer is not just a person who knows how to take photos. He is an individual who confronts the world and must decide what aspect of it to show."

  Born in Marseille, I got into photography at the age of 26. Above all, photography is a pleasure for me. Self-taught,  I learned patience and observation in addition to technique.

  My photographic series are part of an approach combining text and images. My goal being to best express my sensitivity, I position myself more towards mixed techniques than classic photography.


  Hoping to thrill you, I welcome you.

                                                                   Gregory Boin

noie&blanc art photographie de nuit

“Art aims to
to print feelings in usrather than expressing them. »

noir&blanc art photographie
urbain peinture art photographie

“Art is made pour
to disrupt. The sciin this
reassures. »


marseille art photographie couleur

Henri-Frédéric AMIEL
   "La Nuit est la mère du monde :
tout ce qui est sort d'elle."

marseille art photographie de rue
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